Coolant Separators


Principle of operation:

The coolant is discharged to the body of the separator , flow through steel disks that are highly magnetized . Due to the attraction power of the magnets, the ferrous particles form a cake which takes away most of the non - ferrous impurities . The sludge is also removed from the disks by a scraper.


Suitable for removing iron particles from waste water and cooling water in steel making plants . This model can also be used to remove or collect iron particles from washing water or from blast furnaces , sintering furnaces, dust collectors and other industrial waste water.


  • Large capacity ranging from 60 t/h to 360 t/h and a wide variety of models. Highly economical.

  • A high rate of iron collection (about 94 /5%) from waste water.

  • Highly effective . Simple design and mechanism ,which results in less trouble. Long lasting and stable magnetic effect.

  • Smooth inflow and outflow of water .As a secondary effect, part of oily substances is also removed.




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