Wet drum separators

Heavy media concentration models


Principle of operation:

It is used for automatic, continuous recovery of Magnetite

or Ferrosilicon in heavy media operations and concentration

of ferrous and weakly magnetic ores.


  • The most powerful magnet used in its manufacturing

  • Stainless steel used in outer layer of the drum

  • Very effective rubber covering and standard sealing

  • Very special tank design in 3 types :

  1. Concurrent tank design

  2. Counter –Rotation tank design

  3. Self- Leveling Counter –Rotation tank design


  • Designed in different sizes and dimensions

  • Can be designed in different magnetic field Intensity

  • Manufactured from high – quality ball bearings and inner parts

  • Robust structure

  • Can be used separately or combinatorily

  • Made of permanent magnet which has no need of using battery or electric power

  • Compacted arrangement of poles

  • Capability of magnetic bed adjustment


Wet drum separators


Principle of operation:

These devices deferrize slips and liquid products by using a primary magnetic drum inmersed into the product from which it removes the ferromagnetic particles . An auxiliary magnetic roller attracts the ferromagnetic particles collected by the primary roller and discharges them into a special box


The combination of the two rollers allows the continuous deferrization of high density products without losing any product during the automatic cleaning phase


Self – supporting frame fully made of AISI304 stainless steel with the following features:

  • Loading tank with downflow adjustable gate

  • Semicircular sector to seat the magnetic drum

  • Upper gate for inspection and cleaning

  • Product discharge outlet on the bottom

  • Manufacfured from high- Hc NdFeB magnet

  • Auxiliary slow- motion roller continually cleaned by scraper

  • Ferromagnetic particle discharge chute

  • IP 55 protection degree




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