Permanent Magnetic Papko Lifters


Machine Description :

Magnetic Lifters ( Model : PML ) manufactured in PAPKO MAGNET CO. are one of the most powerful permanent magnets which are builts up to now and used for trans-locating iron pieces ( round and plate ) and speeding up working process. This machine does not need any tools like chain and belt. By having different capacities. (100/300/600/1000/2000/3000kgs), it can be used in many industries such as : car manufacturing factories, turnery , steel factories , foundry , tank and metal structure manufacturing.

Functioning Process :

It is located on the relevant iron piece and by changing its lever position, it can attract that piece. Then , it easily translocates that piece of iron and after its transition to desirable place, it will be demagnetized and easily separated from that iron part by turning the lever back to its position.


  • Permanent lifetime

  • High safety

  • Increasing working efficienc with low cost

  • German Technology with low weight and easy transition

  • The fastest kind of translocation without using any batteries or electric power

  • The best and safest way of translocation in over 120 countries of the world






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