Permanent Magnetic Pulleys

Powerful magnetic pullys are used to separate automatically heavy tramp iron and fine iron contaminants from the conveyor transporting materials.


Principle of Operation

when material contaminated with tramp iron is presented to the magnetic pulley, the iron is attracted to the belt surface. The cleaned, nonmagnetic material is discharged over the pulley as below the normal trajectory. An adjustable divider will permit optimum positioning for specific conditions of material and tramp iron discharge.


  • Powerful uniform magnetic field over the pulley surface

  • Robust structure (fully welded)

  • Suitable for large and small tramp iron removal

  •  Suitable for variable belt speeds and burden depths

  •  Easily installed or retrofitted


  • Recycling

  • Food Industry

  • Mineral processing

  • Chemicals

  • Glass

  • Coal

  • Foundry sand

  • Other dry product streams





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