Permanent Magnetics For Chutes And Pipelines




For the removal of metal contamination from free - flowing materials conveyed in pipes or chutes.

Typical Applications

  • Food

  • Recycling

  • Chemicals

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Milling


  • Avaiable in ferrite or rare earth magnetic material

  • Sanitary options availabe

  • Lifetime warranty on magnetic strength

  • Units available for horizontal or vertical installation


  • Easy to install / retrofit

  • Low maintenance

  • Protection of downline equipment




Suspended Magnets


Permanent Magnetic Pulleys


Electrical Lifting Magnets


Permanent Magnetic Papko Lifters


Hydraulic Lifting Magnets


Magnetic Drum Separators


Magnetic BELT DRUM


Wet Drum Separators


Coolant Separators


Rare Earth Roll Separators


Magnetic Traps


Automatic Magnetic Traps


Permanent Magnetics For Chutes And Pipelines


Conical Magnets


Metal Detector for Mining Industries


Metal Detector for Food Industry


High-quality,Heavy-duty Screens


High-quality, Heavy-duty Feeders in Magnetic or Motor Types


Permanent Magnetic Grates



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