Rare Earth Roll Separators


Principle of operation:

This is a very effective machine with high magnetic field intensity used for separating ferrous material existing in minerals like Limonite , Bentonite and Muscovite that can not be recovered by common magnets . In this machine , magnetic roller is used as the head pulley and a thin belt connects the roller to the back pulley . This belt is made of Kevlar and its thickness is between 5-10mm . When the material comes to the roller magnetic field, magnetic and paramagnetic pieces or particles will be attracted to the roller and will be discharged under the roller The inlet tank of the material is made of wear resistant stainless steel while the non –magnetic material follow the common discharge way.


  • Very high magnetic field (14000-17000 Gauss)

  • Kevlar belt ( thickness = 5-10mm) is used in it

  • Can be designed and manufactuned in different stages(from 1 to 5)

  • Equipped with inverter ( remote control )

  • Special sill design for a fast belt replacement

  • Compact and stacked design (modular)

  • Effective attraction capability of fine paramagnetic and ferromagnetic

material ( 325 mesh)

  • The magnetic field does not use the electric power

  • Can be dosigned from 30 cms to 150cms


Minerals :

Silica - Feldespar - Calcium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate - Aluminium Silicate - Aluminium Hydroxide

- Attraction of minerals such as Mica , Garnet and Ilmenite

Abrasives :

  • Special abrasive material such as Aluminium Oxide

  • Silicon Carbide

  • Glass seals

Plastics :

- It can separate those PVC grains which contain iron particles

Food and pharmacentical industries :

It can separate iron particles existing in powder material -

Recycling indnstries :

It can separate paramagnetic and magnetic particles from the whole material

Glass industries

Incombustible industries

Foundry industries

industries Electronic




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