Our History:

Papko Magnet was established in a 3500 m4 ground in Chahardange Industrial Zone, in Tehran in 1384 so as to provide and manufacture Magnetic  systems. It rapidly succeeded to provide such equipment for significant parts of our country.

Gradually, by considering the customers’ needs and developmental policies of our company, we not only develop updated magnetic products but also provide and manufacture vibratory equipment.

With the perpetual slogan of our company which is good quality and speed, Papko Magnet places customer attraction as the main point which is due to the good quality and timely after – selling services.

The following targets are considered in this regard:

  • Rendering competitive products in internal & external markets

  • Exporting products to different countries

  • Annual active attendance in internal & external exhibitions

  • Manufacturing products under customers’ requests

  • Respecting customers’ opinions and evaluating them for continual improvement

  • Providing high – quality products according to the best standards

  • Performing the system of quality management

  • Supporting & cooperating with scientific institutes , universities and research projects

With obligation of the above – mentioned points, Papko Magnet management makes all the staff in factory, sale offices, commercial department, technical – engineering and designing department follow those mentioned targets.

Technical & Engineering Department:

By having experienced engineers (retired from aviation, cement and steel industries) and a group of young engineers (graduated from the best known universities of on county), Papko Magnet owns a powerful team in technical, engineering and designing fields.

All the staff tries their best to improve cooperation among themselves and to render services to customers by their continuous attempt.

Facilities of Technical & Engineering Department:

1- Separate office for designing team equipped with the best engineering systems

2- Usage of updated software & hardware

3- Continuous relation with European countries and our engineers’ visits from the best known exhibitions of the world

Organization Criteria:

  • Honesty , truthfulness and carrying out the responsibilities

  • Trying hard for company improvement

  • Respecting the customers

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Undertaking the safety and protecting the environment

  • Team work

Our Factory:

  • Factory management

  • Production management

  • Mechanic engineering management ( designing & manufacturing magnetic separators)

  • Electric engineering management  (designing & manufacturing electrical lifting magnets)

  • Schematization management (industrial engineering & quality  control)

  • R & D management ( research & development)


  • Lift truck (10 tons)                                                      1 pc

  •  A 3 meter lathe machine                                          1 pc

  • A welding device                                                         1 pc

  • Co2 welding device                                                    2 pcs

  • Common welding device                                           3 pcs

  • Automatic thread machine ( made in Germany)  1 pc

  • Magnetic drill                                                              1pc

  •  Gearbox drill                                                              2 pcs

  • Advanced winding device                                         1 pc

  • Oblate tank of vacuumed resin                              1 pc

  • Ceiling crane (15 tons)                                             1 pc     

  • Ceiling crane (5 tons)                                                       1 pc

  • Welding machine for wires                                             1 pc

  • Testing machine for electrical magnets                        1 pc

  • Industrial dryer                                                                 2 pcs

  • Color pumps                                                                   2 pcs

  • Permanent magnetic lifters                                           4pcs

  • Megger                                                                              1 pc

  • Gauss meter (3 tesla)                                                     2 pcs

  • Washing machine (Carsher Germany)                       1 pc

  • Common drill   (made in Germany)                             5 pcs

  • Vehicle (3 tons)                                                               1 pc

  • Vehicle (1 ton)                                                               2 pcs

  • Radius measuring machine                                          1 pc

  • Thermal test equipment                                              1 pc





Suspended Magnets


Permanent Magnetic Pulleys


Electrical Lifting Magnets


Permanent Magnetic Papko Lifters


Hydraulic Lifting Magnets


Magnetic Drum Separators


Magnetic BELT DRUM


Wet Drum Separators


Coolant Separators


Rare Earth Roll Separators


Magnetic Traps


Automatic Magnetic Traps


Permanent Magnetics For Chutes And Pipelines


Conical Magnets


Metal Detector for Mining Industries


Metal Detector for Food Industry


High-quality,Heavy-duty Screens


High-quality, Heavy-duty Feeders in Magnetic or Motor Types


Permanent Magnetic Grates



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